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Dr Vijay Ram Signing Books in San Diego.
Book signing - for a line of readers in downtown San Diego
Have you ever wanted to be emotionally and mentally clear? Dr. Vijay Ram describes 3 key skills that help you achieve a state of clarity: awareness, expression and memory. By understanding what they are and how they work to create clarity, one can improve their ability to deal with complex emotions, think through elusive problems and make decisions confidently.
Dr. Ram shares his own search for clarity and clear thinking while growing up and how a personal discovery involving small wooden blocks allowed him to fundamentally change the way he could express, store and react to thoughts. In the book he discusses  misconceptions people have about thinking, how to remove emotional blocks, how to look at issues objectively and more.

"Dr. Vijay Ram’s method literally teaches people a system for making decisions and getting clarity around their problems and discovering what it is they really want or need in order to resolve situations (even long-standing ones) in their life. His RAMIC system has the ability to help people create profound changes in their life because it teaches clarity in thinking and offers a framework for making good decisions, quickly."

Dr. Kristina Jacobs

Author of Ultimate Leadership and Women Innovators

"Dr. Ram has designed an innovative method that stimulates awareness of one’s thoughts and emotions surrounding personal and professional issues. The process provides a way to apply intuitive and critical thinking skills for problem solving and decision making."

"For me, the RAMIC process is a tool that allows me to release mind chatter and to let my cognitive and intuitive intelligence emerge. It has helped with finding simple solutions to both everyday concerns and important life issues."


Ellen DiNucci
Lecturer, Stanford University Medical School