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I have run my business and dance company  in the Latin dance word successfully for  over 15 years.

RAMIC has help me
increase my memory, self reflection and how to approach a situation in a logical manner without emotional feelings.

My business has grown more in one year than it did in 5 years.

Decision making both in business and personal have increase dramatically.

I haven been able to explore and implement more ideas into my business by digging deep into my subconscious and discovering the possibilities of improvement  in myself and my business that I would otherwise just be content with.

- John Narvaez of Salsamania, Multi-gold winning world Salsa Champion, 44

I like streaming - I just keep moving and moving – like WOW! It allows you to focus on the positive. This is a miraculous thing!!

It helps me move past all the stuff I am blocked by. I see myself moving onto the new and letting go of the old.

- Belle J., Composer, Age 64

I would consider myself a well adjusted adult with no need for any form of therapy so when I started using the blocks I wasn't sure I would get it.


I found that I was able to work through habits that where not contributing to my overall happiness. I was able to identify these habits and work through them and make changes in my life with ease.


I have found that i'm a lot faster in noticing things that may turn into issues later and in turn I feel like I am less stressed.


Dr. Ram is a wonderful teacher and makes learning how to use the blocks fun and exciting. I would recommend that everyone learn how to use this easy to use process because it will help bring a positive way of thinking about the world around you. 
- Rhonda V., EMT, Age 44



I think about issues many times in my mind ... but when using the blocks I immediately discover big new things! 


The blocks are like an affirmation as you drop them. You get a little anger out – it’s like anger management! It releases tension.

- Randal M., Construction, Age 29


The blocks are a new way to find out what you're thinking about.

They affect us positively too - not just to figure things out.

- Nadia M., Student, Age 20


I need this – it use to be my music that did this. It helps me follow a line of thought – to come to a conclusion.

You can "battle" singular issues and problems to come to a conclusion.

- Dennis J., Songwriter, Age 22


This is really cool!


I like that this is concrete – that you can see and feel the thoughts you’re having and let it them go.


It saves paper (I journal). Because I know that I don't have to figure out what something means, I am more free to let it happen. 

- Julie H., Video Editor, Age 26

It's weird / different – but when I "got it" I was able to flow my hands over the blocks and tell a story!

I enjoy it – it’s pure. I can express negativities with blocks better. From childhood we work with blocks so it is more easier to grab and put them down … it’s more comfortable.

- Rina I., Industrial Designer, Age 54

It focuses you. Questions will distract me unless I’m doing blocks - in which case I can remain organized.

The block help you focus on certain thoughts. It definitely helps your thought process become more organized and flesh things out in the open.


Seeing is believing. In your head, you may not believe or understand a thought. Here you will.

- Roger C., Graphic Designer, Age 41



Working with RAMIC is powerful. It's a method of self-help that works on many different levels.


Getting in touch with your intuition is very interesting. I find that working with a partner can be very helpful in working out personal issues. 

- Jill M., Homemaker, Age 70

The blocks keep your mind on track. They coerce you to think about different aspects of the situation.


It really makes you get on a train of thought and puts things into perspective.


I can understand what the things I explore have in common – things that I didn’t know before using the blocks. It helps relate things to each other because they aren’t so different.

- Cara B., Student, Age 19



I was originally skeptical, but the blocks helped me remember things more than writing. How is this possible? 

You put the issue on the table and it makes things clear. 


Streaming can make the issue VERY clear so you know what kind of issue or problem you have. It's not complicated - it is quite easy.

- Sachi L., Tour Guide, Age 30

It helped me deal with rejection - helped me get over the hurdle I'm facing and mentally past the disconnect.

- Debbie S., Fundraiser, Age 34

I feel a psychiatrist is judging… I don't feel like that here. I'm focusing on what I'm thinking vs. what the psychiatrist’s opinion or judgment. 

Putting my thoughts on the table was powerful - it's one of the greatest things I've done.

I didn't know I had [all these thoughts] connected to the issue. It's kind of like peeling an onion… I would get into stuff that was hard to look at by myself.

It helped me focus and with my memory (important especially as I get older). It's like you're more open to things.

- Jenny O., Court Reporter, Age 61

I felt my thinking open out.  I like holding things - it feels comforting. I don't like to talk about my memories - but there's something nice about getting it outside of me. It allowed me to say and feel things I wouldn't normally say.

- Lina W., Writer, Age 32

It helped focus and carry on a conversation and get deeper instead of being surface level. Normally I would start talking and then just stop.


I was very comfortable opening up. I don't know how to improve on it.
- Nadia A, Film Producer, Age 26

This is sick!!! I get it!!


It keeps you on your toes and thinking.  Seeing my issue helped me see how much deeper it is then I thought… It has way more parts to it than I actually thought!


It would be great to use the blocks to understand the emotions of others to get along better. They should be used to focus and understand yourself, your preconceptions, and how you feel about certain things.

- Eric A., Solar Technician, Age 25


My inhibitions fell pretty quickly. Being able to conceptualize your thoughts into blocks is great! It let me get my feelings out and organize my thoughts and think through them. It's so much better than talk therapy.


I like the free flow expression. I was able to think through my thoughts in a way that was not conventional to me.


We don't really know what we are thinking even when we think we do.


It feels very liberating. I felt my inhibitions eroding. I felt like I was rewiring myself when I was doing it. 


You have more power to think through things than I ever thought.


At times I would have the same or similar thoughts I've had before – but would come to a different conclusion.

I never come across something that felt as repeatable and useful.

  - Jack B., Student, Age 18


Every time I had a thought – I felt I was progressing. When you have ADHD you stop and go off on a tangent.


It's effortless .. can become second nature.

 - Sevo C., Customer Service, Age 22

The whole idea is to keep things moving forward. It feels intuitive, natural.


It's amazing how it works through very specific issues. I like how you're building something.


I like how it helps me solve problems and make decisions on my own without depending on someone else.

- Tonya Y., Trade Show Manager, Age 28

Once I had a memory in mind – I could itemize the memory – which I normally can't do. I could pick it apart.

It forced me to take on a problem-solving perspective versus a placating frame of mind.


I use it to get a better hold on who I am - to understand who I am. I'm adopted.

- John R., Military Aircraft Mechanic, Age 29

It lets me express my thoughts – without me getting caught up in the issue. It becomes more and more detailed.

It gives me a visualization of what's going on in my head - and there's a lot of thoughts going on in my head that I didn't even know about.

- Marty, Student, Age 22

RAMIC is very concrete. My mind over analyzes things and this brings me back to stay on task. It forces me to stay on task even with my compulsion to get distracted and go awry.


Comparing it to writing, writing is much tougher.

- Irene G., Writer, Age 63

My train of thoughts is so focused. It’s incredible to look at!

It reduces my inhibitions to think through very devastating issues.


I’m clarified in the way of how I feel, where I’ve been, where I want to go.


I didn’t realize how good this was for therapy until I did it. There isn't a puzzle to be solved or a solution to be figured out. It follows how your mind works.

It’s beautiful – it’s awesome.

Once I start doing it, I want to just say all this stuff! 

I think everyone going to therapy should do this.

- Duane M., Actor, Age 31

Using the blocks make my chaotic mind feel more organized. It helps having a physical "thing" versus just a thought that you can’t see.

I can think of more things and talk longer. Ideas keep coming really quickly after just a few thoughts.

- Remi B., Tutor, Age 53

The blocks are fun to play with and they give me a tool to organize my thoughts.

I like how ideas can start out small and get bigger. Then, when I can look back at all my thoughts, it's fascinating!

- Ben D., Photographer, Age 38

The effect is very  immediate – that’s nice! It's simple enough that you are pulling things out (of your mind) and then suddenly hit something big and go wow!

- Karen L., Writer, Age 60

I consider myself blessed to have learned the principles of RAMIC developed by Dr. Ram. 


With his guidance I have learned how to utilize his block system to finally be able to explore myself ... by myself. Through his block and blockless techniques, I am able to analyze my relationships with others and begin to see how others see me. This has been extremely helpful both personally and professionally.

As it relates to my depression, the tools used in RAMIC have reduced my tendency to negatively ruminate. 


Dr. Ram has gifted us with a box full of tools that can enable each of us to explore our inner selves, relationships and dilemmas. The rewards of self-discovery are ours to take on our journey through life.

It is my hope that we will all nurture ourselves through the use of Ramic.

- Rodrick C., Landscaper, Age 65



It’s easy to blank your mind with blocks. It’s simple and accessible. There’s a feeling that you’re taking charge of your own thoughts and you see the conclusion, progress and effort of your thoughts.


There’s a fun element that's colorful, like playing with toys but you don’t get distracted.


You’re able to focus more on the issue. The blocks help expand and evolve your thoughts. Unlike a lot of other processes, if you want explore your thoughts you can.


It’s nice to see your thoughts arranged. It’s something you need to get used to. I was struggling at first. It’s a physical skill to acquire but it’s easy to acquire it. I got it. Blocks have less distraction.

- Erica D., Vet Technician, Age 29

I usually write my thoughts down but it slows me down – and it's hard to find the words. Writing slows down the process. Talking to people helps too - but to get things out, someone has to listen and they have to "give a damn".

I have moments of clarity but I know they won't last. Getting that feeling out is like beating a dead horse.

BUT - the blocks help you do all this! They make you communicate more when you have trouble getting the words or thoughts out. They really help. 

- Luis M., Handyman, Age 53 

I have a background in cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety.

I start feeling calmer as I do RAMIC. It's very calming.

I really like using it to work out problems. Using the blocks for negative emotions also really helps. Again, it's really calming.

- Nancy C., Business Manager, Age 30

I’m generally not able to express emotions to people. The blocks help me express my thoughts. They're easy and better than talking to a friend.

Plus, you don't have to look at someone’s expressions, which can be distracting and tell you a lot about what they're thinking. It can be negative so it censors what you say.

But with the blocks, I don’t have to look at someone’s expressions! It's good to hear myself talk out loud!

- Delina F., Masssage Therapist, Age 38


It helps clarity, is fast and helps you feel better. 

The blocks are easy for people of different generations to use. The government should use this - it could help them see things better politically!

- Jasmine K., Student, Age 21

It flows! It's easy for me to follow.

It helps to powerfully visualize what's at the back of your mind.

It's neat to see your feelings. I like streaming – it allows me to think more. It helps me branch out my thoughts. Works really well for me!

- Chris I., Sales, Age 25

It makes me realize how big of an issue I'm having with problems I work on. I never knew how many extra things are going on with in my mind.

You’re able to get more information that just thinking about something in your head.

You get the "why" behind your ideas. The blocks help me progress rather than being stuck.


I can also pick up on a different storylines easily without having to start from scratch - something I can't do in my head.

- Marianne H., Bus Driver, Age 31

RAMIC makes a connection of mind and body. There's an acknowledgment of things that are coming out of your mouth - like taking things that are invisible and giving it a solid representation.


It shows me how easy it is to overlook things. There's a lot more going on then we might put our attention to.

- Lea A., Composer / Lyricist, Age 51

Seeing the blocks makes it easier to resolve an issue. It definitely helps with focus. If I were thinking in my head I would just get so far and it would be a massive mess in my head. RAMIC lets you keep progressing forward.


I now feel -- 'Oh – I can solve this'. It makes you more open and nonjudgmental of your own thoughts.

It makes it really clear what I should do, what the actual part of the issue is, how I was blocking myself and how there's a way to resolve it.


There's nothing challenging about it blocking!

- Cathy K., Singer, Age 23

Each block helps bring a thought to mind quickly. I am able to get into my thoughts out quickly and reduce inhibitions.


It makes me really focused and I am able to come to a realizations.

Prior to using the blocks I had ideas swarming in my mind. Now I can actually move forward and do it proactively.

I didn’t used to be so open – airing out "dirty laundry" – all of that went down. 

- Andrea W., Therapist, Age 33

Intense - Powerful - Overwhelming!


It makes your focus like a moth to light.

It’s like EMDR, it’s simple.


You don’t know how therapeutic it can be until you try it. I had lots of issues and now have solutions.

It helped me sequence and remember things -  even things I didn't think I remembered. Just do it!



I can relive an experience back in the time – it's vivid. It was overwhelming to see how many thoughts come out with zero effort.

- Mathew J, Construction, Age 23

Putting the blocks down helps me feel and re-experience a memory versus just the ambience of memory. 


It obligates you to ask the questions and follow through with the answer. It provides a new context to put your problems in and that can be enough to elicit something new.

- Mike L., Designer / Fabricator, Age 59

It keeps me grounded - because there is something to hold onto – something in my hands. The activity itself gets me thinking.

It can help people whose minds are too fast to express themselves.


I could see this being used with my students. It would help them simplify and express how they are feeling - especially in anxious states.

  - Janet L., Special Needs Instructor, Age 31

I like the physicality – I don’t trust that I can do it on my own mentally.

The blocks are helpful for not getting stuck or carried away on other things. They are good for not censoring or constraining your thoughts.  

It's instinctual – going with your own thoughts and getting down deeper to the roots. At the end I am able to to give myself good advice.

- Tammy S., Student, Age 34

The blocks take me as far as my mind can think. It’s amazing – I’m blown away what our minds can think. I’m amazed how much is in one thought - and not just surface thoughts.

It helps me sort my thoughts and keep going (thinking). It takes you from ground zero to level 20! It's evolution and progression.

If these blocks weren’t here I would be able to think about these thoughts or emotions.



Did it help me in focus? Tremendously!!


It let me sit back and see the extent of my thoughts and perspective. It gives me a visual of my thoughts. You can actually see your thoughts and it’s a lot more conclusive. You can actually pick up / touch your thoughts.


The process gives a blueprint of your thoughts. In one case it showed me how one particular thought was laid out over the course of 10 years!

- Tom W., Musician, Age 35

It helps in filtering through things and not hitting a wall - but continuing on.

Once I realize one thought, it opens up space for the next one - instead of holding on to it. Then the next thought would pop up… I can see them and it's like following a path. There's an endgame.

It helps me to not run in circles but veer off on a new path. I have realizations that I wouldn’t be able to get have otherwise. It's very enlightening and very calming.

It help immensely with clarity. It helps me get very clear on the path I want to take. I can see all my choices and am not just stuck on one thought.

It helps me keep from being worried or nervous and lets me release those feelings and go further.

- Robert O., Painter, Age 47

RAMIC helps me organize my thoughts - it's definitely different than what I’m used to!

It makes thinking more organically and the blocks keep the thoughts going. My minds is not bouncing from one thing to the other –I’m keeping a certain stream going.

- Angelo W., Artist, Age 31

You’re not stopping at 3 to 7 thoughts. You’re going to 100 and seeing the 100 blocks lets you continue going.

It’s like I thought tracker. It takes something ethereal and makes it literal.

It catalyzes your thinking and encourages breadth and depth. It adds to a sense of introspection and reduces your inhibitions to certain thoughts.

- Ken W., Illustrator, Age 53

If I could think like this all the time, I wouldn’t have ADHD. It seems like a bridge. There is a whole physical aspect of psychology that is missing. Dr. Ram is doing a really good thing by helping a lot of people with ADHD.


The actual placing of the blocks separates thing. It makes them more discrete versus other things that may confuse that.

The blocks help focus me on the task and break it down into bits. The "physicalizing" makes it more of a relief. It can help you get to a conclusion or course of action faster than therapy.

- Steve P., Musician, Age 49

Learning and using RAMIC helped me achieve an emotional breakthrough that I didn't have with the same issue after years of conventional talk therapy.

It gives me a perspective similar to what a psychologist would see. It allows me to have an objective view of my issues.

- Halle S., Graphic Artist, Age 46

The process has been an absolute positive surprise!

It has to be experienced to fully grasp and comprehend how it works. It requires minimal conscious work and is intuitively counterintuitive!

It reminds me very much of the surprises I experienced with EMDR in conjunction with talk therapy. 


Where EMDR is a very passive activity, working with the blocks allows ones' thoughts to pour out of the subconscious mind with very light focused effort.

In my personal experience it has helped me meet and greet some of my most horrific PTSD trapped thoughts and feelings, deal with the fear and anxiety associated with those memories and begin to regain my once normal calm confidence. as well as, a renewed sense of peace and safety.

I cannot recommend this type of work-based treatment enough.


The benefits and sense of well being last long beyond session time, far longer than any other treatment modality.


The best part of block work is this: if one is willing, this activity has the potential of becoming self-directed, enjoyed anywhere, and at anytime one's need arises.  It's allowed me to become free from "the fear of" triggers because I now have a very great tool in my backpack for life. I am now looking forward and living once again.

- Catherine S., Insurance Industry, Age 50

I see my goals as achievable with the blocks. Things are more clear, easier to follow and less distracting.

- Parin S., Student, Age 31



I am able to get into details when using the blocks – more specifically so than I can otherwise. It's strange because it's not about logic - it's about expressing.

- Liana B., Recent Graduate, Age 30



I'm a writer and I can go further in my stories when using RAMIC. It allows different threads to develop.

The block arrangement can have meaning too. I had two job offers that seemed similar on the surface - but when using the blocks, one offer looked like a confused mess while the other looked balanced and aligned. It was very helpful to see and feel this when deciding between them!

- Colleen B., Writer and Editor, Age 40

The blocks are simple and easy to use. Other processes would require a therapist, but not the blocks. They are better for understanding and organizing your thoughts. It's like a hierarchy of thoughts.


You can see the high energy point in the thought-stream and come to a resolution / catharsis!

- Alex T., Muscisian, Age 26

Your brain isn’t using up processing power because the blocks are not tied to some sort of symbolism.

The process works because it has a rhythm or tempo so you’re not interrupting your stream of thinking.

- Jonathon P., Animator, Age 24


Writing what you're thinking to get it off your chest doesn't work for me. It's fatiguing and the handwriting needs to be perfect.

The blocks are great! I can do the process for hours. It gives you traction on your problems. 

When I get really upset, cognitive therapy doesn't help, but this does. 


Catching my thoughts instead of speaking aimlessly is very significant. The blocks are methodical - like steps.


It feels undistracted. It tells me my thoughts are multiple things, not just one thing. It's nice!

- Randy K., Business Operations Director, Age 34

There are so many thoughts that come out!

This allows you to see the relationships. You can choose how deep you want to go - it’s limitless!!

In our minds, we refuse to make those connections. This process can help people with ADHD. It could help them put their thoughts in order. There's no pressure to achieve something - you are free to explore. It's good for sorting through your ideas. 

- Mario P., Graphic Artist, Age 52

The process helps me remember more of my memories. It helps bring back the details of what went on.

- David H., Landscaper, Age 30

Problems tend to take on a life of their own and they may never go away. This helps you see way beyond that.

It helps to retain perspective, consider all the stressors and more. It’s helpful to have something concrete that you can project out onto.

Thanks to this process, I now know what I have to do instead of keeping my head in the sand of ignorance.

- Anne S., Social Worker, Age 61

RAMIC forces me to think about the topic at hand and keep going instead of jumping to some other issue. My thoughts are really smooth.

It stops me from doing interruptive ”what if’s” with the thing I am thinking about.

It makes me realize what my goals are instead of focusing on the frustration. It makes me want to find a solution!

- Jill H., Dental Hygienist, Age 60

It's really awesome! It’s like putting your thoughts down on paper but better… You get stuck on paper. This is liberating!

I do feel like some kind of constant weight is gone when I do the process. It’s like cleaning a mirror… there are so many spots… Now I can see clearly.

- Shari K., Filmaker, Age 43

Gets me to stop thinking about my problems. It's very effective for circular thinking. I have had several past therapists who would have loved if I had I used to this. I usually become unfocused so fast.

This is great for people whose emotions can go way off track. It will keep them grounded and focused.



The blocks somehow support you as you let anger out versus writing – which can get crazy. I couldn’t sort out my last relationship because I couldn’t verbalize (write) without bursting into tears.

- Elaine R., Textile Artist, Age 63

It helps me cement my own ideas better. Brings up whole new issues.


It will help people who are distracted a lot. It helps you progress through by thought – getting to deeper and thinking about things you don’t normally remember.

It gets me to think about stuff that ordinarily doesn’t come up to the surface. It will help both you and your therapist! Should call them ”smart blocks”.


- Rod L., Photographer, Age 66

This keeps you focused as you go. Even with a really quick issue I can come away with a really good idea of how to resolve it.

It seems that when I'm not using this system my ideas go back to being muddled.

When I talk through the issue, I get ideas for resolution.

Sometimes problems as a whole seems so complicated that you don’t even try to resolve them. This process helps improve your memory, awareness of your surroundings and of your situation.

- Nancy D., Nurse Administrator, Age 58

Staring into space or at a therapist doesn’t work. You're never done. I have trouble expressing my thoughts even to myself.

As I used the blocks – they allowed me to think clearer. I can’t explain how but they did. I think they made me more confident and it became clear why do you use the blocks.

 - Brianna J., Food Clerk, Age 52

It is pretty motivating that I am doing something  while I am thinking. It definitely helps keep the momentum and focus going forward.


Damn - this is awesome!

Given my ADHD I avoided stray thoughts about stuff I didn’t want to think about … and this process allows me to deal with them.

Using the blocks, I totally know what I’m supposed to do. It reduces my need to pull or stray away from a problem.

They give me an idea of how much stuff is actually playing on me.


It's like a straight shot when expressing my line of thought –like on train tracks.


This is a very quantitative way of looking at some heavy stuff in a qualitatively way.


It helps me focus on the emotional part of a problem and that helps me think through the mental side.


Then there's the self-reflection: figuring out what I need to do. It helps me put the focus back on me instead of the situation. 

It's also helps me stay focused and logically get through issues when there's emotional pain and I want to avoid it.

- Patrick V., Songwriter / Musician, Age 25

I feel way more confident when I use the process – an 11 on a scale of 10!

It helps me focus on a single problem and get all the logistics figured out.

It's tangible and grounding. It helps me figure out a "grand plan". I feel I'm able to bypass a lot of traps that I’d normally fall in.

This is a mind blowing! No anxiety, stressless - it's like a game.

The tangibility and the sound activates more senses like audio, visual, touch, colors and shapes. It's fun. It prevents the anxiety from kicking in.

For the most part I always arrive at a solution. I know what steps need to be taken to get to my result.


It helps me think and avoid being scattered.

- Gaman N., Laborer, Age 26

RAMIC helps you get deeper with your ideas. It absolutely helps with emotional release and holding your thoughts. Do I prefer this over normal thinking? Oh my god yes!


It’s gives me something to do while thinking and that helps relax me. I feel more relaxed / calmer than I do before I start. I could take a nap!


The ability to get my energy out helps me slow my thoughts down so I can focus on issues.


So often I feel like I’m throwing pebbles into a pool. Here it's like "OMG" - I’m thinking all these things and then I’m brainstorming. All this keeps me from going into a negative downward (which would often happen).

- Halena J., Composer, Age 30

The process forces me to parse my thoughts. Otherwise it's just a tangle of thoughts. 

It’s faster than writing and is less weighty than using words. It helps with clarity and understanding.

- Maira C., Social Media Strategist, Age 44