Dr. Vijay Ram


Dr Vijay Ram - Times Square.jpg
Vijay featured in New York's Times Square
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Dr Vijay Ram
Dr Vijay Ram and Suzanne Somers
Vijay teaching his RAMIC process to Actress Suzanne Somers 
Dr Vijay Ram at Harvard
Vijay's standing ovation speech at Harvard
Dr Vijay Ram and Belinda Carlisle

Vijay is an award-winning cognitive scientist and an international best-selling author. He helps creatives achieve heightened levels of rapid problem solving, decision making and emotional relief.

He trains individuals in the RAMIC clarity process. It is based on a repeatable cognitive effect that he discovered while doing his doctoral work. The process helps remove mental and emotional blocks while simultaneously moving the line of thought forward in a highly productive manner.

He has taught the process to creatives from a wide variety of professions. His clients include numerous musicians, artists, athletes, engineers, doctors and business executives.

His research background spans the areas audiologic perception, neural modeling, brain neurology, cognitive processing and skill acquisition. 

NASDAQ 029 v3 - v1.jpg
Vijay's talk at Nasdaq: featured in New York's Times Square
Vijay discussing his work with multi-platinum recording artist Belinda Carlisle (lead singer of The Go-Go's)
Dr. Vijay Ram Harvard Award.jpg
Award for Innovation in Psychology
at Harvard
Dr Vijay Ram on ABC's Suncoast View.jpg
Vijay on ABC's Suncoast View

Vijay holds 5 degrees, 4 of which are from UC, Berkeley. He is the founder of RAMIC Solutions and a visiting research scientist at the University of California.

When he's not engaged in training or research, he enjoys snowboarding, movies and Latin dance. He lives in California.

Signing books for a line of readers in downtown San Diego
Dr Vijay Ram Speaking at Asia Unversity
Speaking to the Faculty and Students
at Asia University in Taiwan