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Video Demo:
Life Issue

Thinking Through a Life Issue
Watch below as Anna attempts to think through a typical life question: why doesn't she have close friends anymore?

She's been frustrated with wondering what happened to her life. She used to have many friends as a kid

When she uses normal thinking, she describes the mystery of feeling popular as an adult ... but not having close friends

Then watch her use the blocks to understand: why that's the case, why that's ok ... and what to do about it

The video starts 4 minutes into her session and lasts for 1.5 minutes

Then listen to her explain the insights and clarity she experienced.  It now seems simple and obvious

Without RAMIC Thinking


With RAMIC Thinking

Life's Mysteries Can Have Answers

The RAMIC process helps individuals understand
their lives and feel  
that their world makes sense again
(A big thanks to Anna, a warm and wonderful person, for letting us watch this experience!)
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