Video Demo: Business

Thinking Through a Business Problem
Watch below as John attempts to think through business challenge that affects his business every year

John's company holds an annual dance festival. His low conference room rates are dependent on the attendees booking a minimum number of hotel rooms.

The hotel gives attendees a low rate, but still, they wait until the last minute to book - and that causes problems.

John is a legend in the dance world - not only for holding 9 Salsa world championships, but for also having one of the best minds in the industry

Still, when he tries to think through it on his own (as he has many times before), he simply ends up describing the problem

Then, watch him use the blocks and not solve the problem, but also discover an ingenious way to gain more profit!

His solution is simple: pay for all the rooms himself, at the hotel's low rates, then rent them back to attendees at a slightly higher rate when they book at the last minute

The video excerpt is from the final minute of his 8 minute session ... then he talks about the session

Without RAMIC Thinking


With RAMIC Thinking

Your Business Can Thrive
The RAMIC process helps individuals become
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with the ability to immediately transform
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(A huge thanks to John for letting us watch as he brilliantly solves this problem!)