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Video Demo:


Thinking Through a Decision
Watch below as Jay attempts to think through the issue of whether his artist's studio can be moved to his home

Because of escalating rents, he needs to move his artist studio. He's worried that moving it to his home
will be the wrong decision

When he thinks out loud - he focuses on the problem, the options and the need to decide what to do

Then watch him use the blocks and immediately process and understand that moving it to his home will work out in numerous ways

He was given 1 minute to think using his normal thinking, then 1 minute to think using the blocks
(the timer goes off with the blocks ... but he's figured it out!)

Note the dramatic change in the way his mind clarifies the issue by looking at multiple aspects 

Without RAMIC Thinking


With RAMIC Thinking

Decisions Don't Have to be Hard
The RAMIC process helps individuals become
brilliant thinkers and decision makers
with the ability to immediately transform
their lives and businesses
(A big thanks to Jay, a true artist, for letting us watch him explore this dilemma!)
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