Do you feel like you're
operating below your potential?
Are you tired of getting stuck on problems that deep down, you feel you should be able to solve?
Do you procrastinate on complex, messy problems with the hope that if you wait long enough, some sort of clarifying insight will miraculously appear and save the day?
Sad on Couch

The Process


Life doesn't have to be like this

Transform your life, your business and your future by solving your your most important and challenging problems using RAMIC

RAMIC is the world's ONLY brain-based tool that lets you
immediately move...

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  • Repetitive Thinking

  • Getting Stuck or Confused

  • Emotional Distortion

  • Wasteful Waffling


  • Flow of Insights

  • Powerful Understanding

  • Clear Perception

  • Compelling Decisions

... so you can get clear SOLUTIONS to your most pressing problems

Better Thinking = Greater Success + Happier Life

RAMIC is a thinking tool that's unlike

anything you've ever experienced.


It is a brain-based tool which means that it operates at a level that bypasses the mind. There are no high-level questions, frameworks or strategies that pertain to the issue you're dealing with.

Instead, while using RAMIC, simply think about the topic as you normally would and you'll find yourself having fresh insights, "aha" moments, unexpected directions of thought and understandings that you would otherwise never have. Your mind will keep flowing with thoughts until you organically arrive at a compelling conclusion or solution. The end result is not only emotionally satisfying, but meets the high demands of your intellect as well. 

What does this mean for you?

Your Business Life

Solve problems that you're "stuck on", make better decisions, develop better strategies, see new opportunities and avoid problems that were previously hidden. Accomplish all these quickly - which is a major competitive advantage in itself. The result? Up-level your personal wealth, business success and market / industry standing.

Your Personal Life

Heal baggage from your past, resolve the life issues of the present ... and set yourself up for a desirable and fulfilling future. RAMIC's unique impact on the mind takes transformational work to new levels.

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What is RAMIC and why does it work?

Can RAMIC help solve ANY problem? While RAMIC will provide clear value with most open-ended problems, decisions and dilemmas, it's not suited for every application. If you're dealing in areas such as mathematics, creative language applications (like developing lines of poetry) or problems that innately require mechanical thinking or action (like creating / sorting lists, visually depicting data, etc.) ... use more task-specific tools for the best outcome.

RAMIC is a scientifically-evidenced process that is based on a powerful, repeatable cognitive effect. It was discovered by Dr. Vijay Ram during his doctoral work. It involves using a tool (implemented with pen and paper) that increases the internal retention of previous thoughts. This has immediate effects on the way the mind produces new thoughts and its ability make sense of information.

The effect is stimulating, liberating, confidence-building and emotionally transformative.

Rarely do such processes deliver direct, rapid and practical outcomes.