The Process

Do you feel like you're operating well below your potential?
Have Meditation, Positive Thinking and Reframing failed
to provide clear practical solutions to pressing problems?

RAMIC is a new science-evidenced process that helps Creatives think clearly ... and rapidly address difficult issues.

Creatives are passionate, expressive and highly aware individuals who are capable of great ideas and vision. However, their minds frequently work against them. Instead of reaping rewards for their brilliance, their lives are often derailed by a host of problems like:

  • Jumbled thinking 

  • Blank-mindedness

  • Self criticism
  • Emotional sensitivity

  • Self-sabotage

... And one of the biggest problems: an inability to think through issues that their mind is simply "bored with"

These issues can be the unfortunate consequence of high internal awareness and emotional reactivity.

The RAMIC clarity process can help. It turns acute inner awareness into a powerful thinking skill. It helps transform creatives into brilliant problem solvers, decision makers and emotionally strong individuals. The mere act of thinking can become an insightful, clarifying and transformational experience.


As a result, creatives can take charge of their lives, relationships and destiny like never before. 

What is RAMIC and why does it work?

RAMIC is a scientifically-evidenced process that is based on a powerful, repeatable cognitive effect. It was discovered by Dr. Vijay Ram during his doctoral work. It involves using small objects (blocks) as efficient memory devices for expression. Through their use, a feedback loop is created which allows the user to continually experience new thoughts and have a simultaneous awareness of previous thoughts.

The RAMIC effect causes one to naturally think longer about problems, emotionally detach from issues, capture elusive insights and gain clear understandings. Together they create a rapid and highly productive form of problem solving, decision making and emotional relief. Rarely do psychological processes deal with such direct, practical outcomes.

In short, RAMIC empowers creatives to turn their inner-world awareness into real-world brilliance.

What are the benefits of RAMIC?

Anytime you improve your core ability to think and deal with emotions, the applications can be endless and the benefits priceless.

Imagine what life would be like if you could clearly think through your most challenging personal, social and business issues. Imagine seeing new opportunities and possibilities that are currently invisible or distorted. Imagine how exciting and prosperous the future can be!

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