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You’re making the BEST decision you'll ever make for your business!

Save $600 when you reserve your spot in the next 3 days

Group Program

This On-Demand program allows you to proceed at your own pace. This option includes live group Zoom calls, recorded Zoom calls, and online modules.


  • 16 Weekly Live Q&A group calls with Dr. RamVALUE $5000.

    • Live Demonstrations.

    • Training on how to use the process on demand so that you can use RAMIC anytime, anyplace, and on your own.

  • Recorded, previous support calls. VALUE: $500

  • 16 Weekly Workshops to practice the process and work on your problems.  VALUE: $2400.

  • Full step-by-step on-demand, self-paced video course to walk you through the complete RAMIC process and application techniques:

    • Training on Generating Rapid Insight - increase the number of novel ideas you have during a set time period, so you can generate insight on demand. VALUE $1000.

    • Training on how to Instantly Remember “Aha Moments”: Learn to capture your best ideas and make the best decision. VALUE $1000.

    • Training on Eliminating Mental Blocks: Make decisions confidently by evaluating problems practically, without emotional fog. VALUE $1000.

    • Training on Making Brilliant Decisions: Eliminate analysis paralysis and learn to make clear, rock-solid decisions in any situation. VALUE $3000.

    • Training on How To Solve Problems Perfectly: Learn how even solving complex problems can become simple and easy. VALUE $3000.

    • Training on How To Get Unstuck: Use the RAMIC process to level up your success and become unstoppable. VALUE $1000

    • Training on Instant Brainstorming

    • Training on how to think through, process, and get closure to personal baggage.

  • Handout Package with summaries, explanations, and exercises for you to reference at any time. VALUE $300

Total VALUE: $19,200

Group Program

Go at Your Own Pace + Live Support + Live Session Workshops

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Save $600

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Single payment of:


(Normal: $1997)

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