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The Ultimate Business Tool

4 out 5 Business Owners think their toughest problems aren't clearly solvable


4 out of 5 of those problems are immediately solvable 

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Business owners often tell me that the #1 reason they get stuck on problems is that they don't have enough information to make a clear decision. However, after working with them, they almost always have enough information to make the perfect call - they just have trouble figuring it out on their own.

The problem is that it's hard to get our brains to correctly fill in the missing pieces of a complex puzzle. Only a small percent of the population is naturally gifted at doing this. The rest must struggle with confusion, uncertainty and the illusion that their problems are unsolvable without more information.

However, the RAMIC process changes all that. It causes the mind to continuously flush out novel insights and information that they are unaware that they have. This continues until a compelling and clear conclusion is reached.


It is an immediate, night and day difference compared to normal thinking and almost always ends with an elusive problem being solved.

It is the ultimate tool for strategizing and decision-making your way to success.

* Excepting problems involving pure math, logic or creative language manipulation

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Who Uses RAMIC

RAMIC will help you with almost every area of your business that requires you to leverage your knowledge, experience, expertise, and understanding of how the world works.


Whether it's deciding marketing messages, getting the right consultants, hiring the best team members, grappling with legal issues, managing fluctuating inventories, dealing with logistics, negotiating sales contracts ... RAMIC will uncover information and insights you never dreamed existed - typically leading you to resolve those problems completely.


It is a tool like no other.

Users have applied the tool to every aspect of highly diverse businesses:

  • Personal and Business Coaching

  • Internet Marketing Agencies

  • Software Consulting

  • Artists

  • Wall Street Analysts

  • Dance Companies

  • Attorneys

  • Academia

  • and more


They've used it to discover opportunities that were previously unknown, spot aspects of their business that required fixing or elimination and even pivot (change industries) when the signs and rationale were clear and compelling.


Ready to gain the massive competitive advantages of RAMIC?


The only way to learn it is through the "Clarity On Demand" program.


In it you'll learn the basics of the tool and begin to experience enhanced thinking immediately. You'll also go through three easy checkpoints to ensure that the process is working properly: Increased volume of thoughts, increased thought retention, and reduced emotional discomfort. You'll then begin to work with your real-world problems and experience what it's like to make decisions and solve problems with crystal-clear clarity and perfect rationale.

During weekly group support sessions, you'll learn how to use the tool directly from its inventor, Dr. Vijay Ram. You'll also have the opportunity to use your new enhanced thinking skills during "Session Days". These are group meetings where you'll use your amazing new thinking abilities to work on issues that you've procrastinated on as well as explore fun topics that we'll give you. You'll also get to share your breakthrough insights, wisdom and experiences with others.

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Personal Life Benefits

While RAMIC will fuel your business to new levels of success, the benefits do not end there. Your personal life can benefit just as much, if not more, than your work life.

Personal Development / Transformation

Anytime you use RAMIC it’s a mental and emotional experience. You just don’t just get insights that are purely about the problem at hand, but you get big-picture insights and deep truths into the way the world works. And it’s experiential - you literally experience these thoughts as they come. They will affect you … and they will change you … and that can be life-changing. 

Dealing with Baggage

While this program is not about treating trauma or emotional dysfunctions, when it comes to dealing with personal life issues and baggage from the past, RAMIC can be a godsend. Many of us live our lives filled with discomfort from unresolved issues in the past. These can come from areas like bad relationships, disappointments, failures, humiliation, loss, regret, etc. They can hold us back in life and stunt our personal growth. RAMIC can help you get the closure and answers you’ve so desperately been seeking.

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Ready to gain the massive competitive advantages of RAMIC?

Better Thinking = Greater Success + Happier Life

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